Paintless Dent Repair FAQs

If you are on the hunt for a quality dent repair service for your car but are unsure if paintless dent repair is the route for you, you aren’t alone. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a relatively new service that utilizes specialized tools to fix the dent and restore the exterior back to its original position. There are no fillers or paint involved, just the expertise of paintless dent repair professionals and unique, reusable tools — making this an affordable, quick, and eco-friendly process. To learn more about paintless dent repair and commonly asked questions, keep reading this blog! If you have any further questions or would like to get a free estimate, reach out to us at AJ’s Dent. We have locations in Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County, and would be pleased to assist you.

What kinds of dents can be repaired with PDR?

Most auto dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair— if the metal and paint are not compromised. AJ’s Dent suggests getting a free inspection and estimate so that we can assess the damage done to your car and determine whether or not PDR is an option for you.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

One of the most attractive features of paintless dent repair is the fact that it doesn’t require the use of fillers, paint, or extensive labor, making it an affordable option for dent repair. The cost of your dent repair will be determined by the severity, amount, and location of your dent and/or dents. To get an accurate, free estimate for what your auto dents will cost, we recommend reaching out to AJ’s dent today.

Will the paint on my car be damaged?

No. As a matter of fact, paintless dent repair is the only way to repair a dent and ensure that your paint won’t be compromised — if the job is done by a professional PDR shop. A common misconception is that it will cause the paint to crack or stretch, which is false. Paintless dent repair, in fact, fixes the dent rather than covering it up and needing to put more paint on it.

Will my dents come back down the road?

No pun intended — and the answer is no. Once the dent is repaired with special tools by a paintless dent repair professional, your dents are fixed from the source and won’t be coming back. At AJ’s Dent, we are so confident with our repair services that we also provide a lifetime warranty so that you can feel at ease knowing your car is in good hands.

Can paintless dent repair fix the hail damage done to my car?

Absolutely! Paintless dent repair is actually the recommended method of removing dents from a car that has had hail damage, as these dents are minor dings and dents that don’t require the need for any bonding, sanding, or repainting the way that major auto body damage typically does.

Can any dent or ding be fixed by paintless dent repair?

Unfortunately, no. In cases where there is major auto body damage and the paint is chipped or cracked, paintless dent repair won’t be the best option for repair. The location and depth of the dent are the most important factors in determining if they can be repaired by PDR.

What are the benefits of paintless dent removal?

With PDR, there are numerous benefits if you are going through a professional service provider. A few of these benefits are:

  • High-quality repairs. With paintless dent repair, your car’s original condition goes undisturbed with the use of specialized tools to massage the dents back into place without having to use fillers, sanders, paint, and so forth.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because quality, reusable tools are utilized to perform the repairs and there is no use of harsh chemicals from paint or fillers, PDR is an eco-friendly option for car repair.
    Retains current value of your car. Because there is no painting required, the original finish of your car is maintained. There is also no risk of incorrect color matching, either.
  • Saves time. Traditional dent repair can take days to weeks to repair your minor auto body damage, while paintless dent repair can be completed within an hour or two. At AJ’s Dent, we even come to you to see if we can perform your dent repair on the spot.
  • Saves money. The cost of traditional dent repair can become expensive with the extensive labor, use of paint and fillers, time, and so forth. Because PDR professionals use special tools to massage the dents back into place, you are saving ¼ to ⅓ of the cost you would be spending on traditional dent repair.
  • A lifetime warranty on our work. If you get your auto dent repaired through AJ’s Dent, we also provide you with a lifetime warranty on all of our work for as long as you own your car, so you can feel good about the quality of the work we have done.

Will my insurance cover paintless dent repair?

Yes! If you have full coverage insurance and experienced hail damage, it will be covered by your insurance company under the comprehensive section of your policy. Most paintless dent repair companies like AJ’s Dent will work with your insurance company throughout the repair process to see if other, non-hail dents will be covered, although the cost of single dent repair is often cheaper than the deductible.

Should I send in pictures of my dents for my PDR estimate?

Absolutely! You will want to take pictures anyway for your insurance claim, and when you contact AJ’s Dent, we can examine the photos in order to give you a general idea of what the cost of your paintless dent repair will be, although we would prefer to see the vehicle in person to give you a more accurate estimate.

Should I try and repair the dent myself?

This method is definitely not recommended. When you try repairing a dent yourself, you are jeopardizing the repair of your dent by making it more difficult and/or impossible to repair with PDR. If you end up messing up or crack the paint, there is no turning back and your vehicle will need to be repaired by a traditional body shop.

If you have any further questions in regards to paintless dent repair and what a professional PDR service company can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County today for a free estimate and speedy, affordable paintless dent repair. We look forward to assisting you with getting your car back to its original condition!

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