Seven Common Causes of Minor Dents and Auto Damage

Being a car owner, we know that there comes certain times when getting your car dented can be inevitable — whether we like it or not (and we are just taking a guess here that you probably wouldn’t like it very much). There are many different things that can cause minor auto body damage and ways that you can prevent some of these things from happening. In today’s blog we will be taking you through seven common causes of minor dents and auto damage so that you can know what to keep an eye out for, and hopefully prevent auto dings and dents from occurring. If you need assistance with removing current dents on your vehicle, reach out to our paintless dent repair professionals at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth today for quick, easy, and affordable dent removal.

1. Collisions

When you get into an auto collision, it is likely that there will be at least some sort of minor auto body damage to your car. Being a defensive driver is crucial for this one — because although you may be a fantastic driver, there are a variety of things that can happen on the road to cause a collision. From getting rear-ended to distracted driving and getting clipped while merging to t-bones, there are many different ways auto accidents can occur. Some safe, defensive driving qualities that you can easily pick up to decrease your chances of getting into a collision are:

  • Keeping your eyes on the road and not getting easily distracted
  • Planning ahead for the unexpected — not making assumptions about what other drivers will do
  • Controlling your speed
  • Respecting other roadway users
  • Being aware of road conditions

Practicing defensive driving allows you to defend yourself from possible auto collisions caused by a variety of different things, whether it’s bad drivers, poor weather, or anything in between.

2. Car Doors

When there is ultra-tight parking in lots or garages, it can be easy for you (or another driver) to open your car door unyieldingly and end up denting a neighboring car. This is especially easy if it’s a windy day, as the wind can make it hard to control your car door as you are opening it and cause it to ram into another car. If you want to ensure you will avoid someone denting your car with their door — or you denting theirs — it is best practice to park far away from other cars in a parking lot or garage. Although you may have to walk a bit further to your destination, at least you are saving money on auto repairs.

3. Unruly Weather

This is another huge one that often causes minor auto body damage. Regardless of where you live, there are different types of extreme weather that can take over your town and wreak havoc on your car. A weather condition that tends to cause considerable damage to cars is hail storms. Large hail falling at high speeds can cause huge dents, broken windows, and even engine damage to your car. Did you know that Texas and Colorado are the top two states with the most hail insurance claims? AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth can help with the process of filing a claim, and can also handle your hail damage repair quickly and affordably. Contact us today to learn more about our hail damage and dent repair services by utilizing paintless dent repair.

4. Sporty Children

If you live in a family-dense neighborhood, it is not unlikely to see kids playing outside with different sports balls. Whether you’ve got little basketballers or softball players living close by, there is a chance that they could throw a ball uncontrollably and ultimately end up hitting and denting your car. There really isn’t much avoiding this one unless you have a garage to park in or do some serious research and find a quiet neighborhood where there isn’t many children.

5. Fallen Trees

If you are parking your car outside regularly, you are also running the risk of storm damage to your car. When big wind and snow storms blow through, it isn’t uncommon for trees to fall. Although parking your car in a garage or a carport is always a good option to prevent this damage, not everybody has that option. We may think that this could never happen to us, especially if we typically don’t park near any trees throughout the day — but strong winds can knock a tree down and even throw it around, leaving it to potentially slam and dent your car. This is often inevitable, and that is why you will want to contact a professional paintless dent repair service to help you with removing tree dent damages to your car.

6. At The Car Wash!

Queue up Rose Royce’s hit single “Car Wash,” because believe it or not, this is where many minor auto body damages occur. While taking your car to an automatic car wash facility may be convenient, it is not always the safest option against dents and scratches. The cleaning process that many of these facilities provide often leave your car prone to accidental bumps while your vehicle is on the conveyor. This is because of the type of bristles and cloth brushes that many car washes use. Although these can be effective cleaning materials for your car, they often leave dents, scratches, broken antennas, and dangling side mirrors. In order to help avoid this, we recommend that you collapse your mirrors, take your antenna down, roll up your windows, and check for any loose parts on your car before you enter a car wash. If you do experience damage, it is also recommended to keep your car wash receipt, take pictures of your car damage on-site, and check with your insurance company to see if they can cover the damage.

7. Road Debris

If you are a frequent highway driver, you have probably seen quite a bit of auto debris on the side of the road. This could be rubber pieces from tires bursting or car accidents that have not been fully cleaned up after. There are times when hitting this road debris is inevitable — even if you are a very cautious driver. It’s not uncommon to hear about drivers fully focusing on the road, only for a giant piece of rubber to come flying up from under the car in front of them and damage their car. The best way to avoid this type of auto damage is to practice defensive driving to the best of your ability so you will know how to handle this situation if it does arise.

Contact a Minor Auto Body Damage Professional

If you have experienced any of these or other minor auto body damages and are in the market for an affordable, speedy paintless dent repair service, reach out to our expert paintless dent repair team at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth. Our technicians utilize specialized dent puller tools that remove auto dents and dings to restore your vehicle’s appearance and increase its value. We also work with all insurance companies to help you with your claims, and may even be able to come to you to give you a free estimate and repair your dents on site. We look forward to assisting you!

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