Tips On Protecting Your Car From Hail Damage

In Denver and throughout Colorado, hail is extremely common in the spring and summer — in fact, the largest hailstone on record has been found at a whopping 4.8 inches in Bethune this past year. That’s approximately the size of a grapefruit! You can only imagine what kind of damage that could cause to your vehicle if it was caught in that hail storm.

While hail isn’t common during these chillier winter months, it is smart to educate yourself ahead of time about ways you can prevent car hail damage before it occurs this spring season. In today’s post, we will be going over different tips you can try out for yourself to prepare your car for hail storms to lessen your chances of needing auto body repair.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Many people do this as a part of their day-to-day routine anyway — but if you take a look at the weather and see that there is a high chance of hail at a certain time during the day, it would be in your best interest to plan your driving around the storm.

Cover Your Car

If you live or work in an area where you are unable to park in a covered area, it isn’t a bad idea to invest in some window covers for your front and rear windshields. You can also use your floor mats as window covers if you are in a pinch. Your best option, though, would be to purchase a cover than blankets the entirety of your car. You can typically find these at most auto supply stores.

Utilize Covered Parking

An even better option for covering your car would be to park your car in a garage or under a carport while at home. As for work, this can be a bit trickier if there isn’t any sort of covered parking. If this is the case, it isn’t a bad idea to scout out the parking lot and nearby areas of your workplace to see if you can find a spot that is at least partially covered to prevent as much hail damage as possible. Doing this could save you a lot of money (and a headache) on dent repair.

If you are in the market for fast and affordable dent repair in Denver, save some money with paintless dent repair at AJ’s Dent for your car hail damage!

If You Do Get Caught in a Hail Storm …

  • Seek a covered area to park until the storm has calmed. Continuing to drive during a hail storm increases the impact of the hail on your car.
  • If you can’t find a covered area, pull over and cover yourself with a blanket or something else that can shield you from glass in case your windshield was to break. It is also smart to lie down and keep your back to the windows.
  • Try and keep your car angled so that the hail is hitting the front of your car as windshields are reinforced to withstand forward pelting objects.

What To Do When Your Car Experiences Hail Damage:

  • Take photos of your entire vehicle and up close on damaged spots
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report your claim
  • Go over the damages with your claims rep in order to determine the best method of repair
  • Get car hail damage repair from a trusted dent repair service

Following these steps will not only decrease your chances of having hail damage to your car but it will also decrease your chances of getting hurt and needing to go through a potentially lengthy insurance claim process. At AJ’s Dent in Denver, we specialize in repairing auto dents with an efficient, affordable method called paintless dent repair (PDR). To learn more about PDR, read our blog about the basics of paintless dent repair and how it differs from traditional dent repair methods. For any further questions, speak to one of our experienced paintless dent repair technicians at AJ’s Dent in Denver today. We look forward to getting your car back in action!

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