Cold Weather and Car Dents: What to Know

We are officially in the fall season here in Denver, and we all know what that means: colder temperatures and approaching snow. Of course, we are not through hail season yet. In fact, hailstorms can prove to be especially damaging as the temperatures drop. But that’s not the only bad news when it comes to colder temperatures and car dents.

In today’s blog from AJ’s Dent Repair, we will take a look at some of the risks and worries that come along with colder weather. There are some important things to know to prevent car dents during the next few months. If you do find yourself with car dents, be sure to reach out to us for world-class paintless dent repair in Denver

Now, let’s turn to some important things to know about cold weather and car dents.

Colder Weather Means Higher Risk of Dents

First thing to know: most metals contract as temperatures drop. This is because the atoms in the metal will lower in kinetic energy (meaning they’re moving around less), which causes them to take up less space. Thus, the metal contracts. These changes in temperature can make the frame of your vehicle predisposed to dents. 

This also means that when it comes to dent repair, you have to turn to trusted professionals. The changes in temperature mean that dent repairs in the cold can be a bit trickier. You can trust paintless dent repair from the experts at AJ’s.

Cars Get More Dents During Winter Months

So, it’s not winter yet, and we still have to worry about the dreaded hail damage. But even as hail damage becomes less and less of a risk, there are still plenty of obstacles to worry about. You are actually at your greatest risk of damages to your car during the winter months. This might not come as too much of a surprise when you think about the dangerous driving conditions that come from icy and snow-packed roads. Stay tuned for future blog posts about how to navigate the winter weather, but for now, it’s important to note that a large percentage of crashes are due to weather conditions, like hail, rain, ice, sleet, and snow. You will want to be mindful of this as the Colorado weather gets colder and colder. If the worst does occur, just know that AJ’s is here to help with all of your paintless dent repair needs.

Cold Weather Can Boost Damage of Dents

Not only does the cold weather predispose your metal frames to more damage, but these conditions also make it so that any damage to your car has to be taken care of faster. It’s always a good idea to take care of any car damage promptly, but there are some extra risks to letting damage sit during the winter. The high levels of moisture can increase the odds of rusting, while the roads being constantly caked with salts and chemicals can worsen paint damage. It’s best to take care of those dents immediately.

Paintless Dent Repair in Denver

AJ’s has you covered during all months of the year. Contact us today for a free estimate. And be sure to read our blogs to stay informed on all things dent repair!

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