Colorado Hail Statistics

Has it seemed like the hail in Colorado has been particularly bad these last couple of years? We hear a lot of people wondering if hail has been especially bad lately. And since we just pummeled with some bad hail these last couple weeks, people’s worries have largely been renewed. The story of Colorado hail is complicated — but AJ’s Dent Repair is here to help make sense of the trends.

In a previous blog post, we looked at some of the science behind hail and hail storms. We looked at what causes hail, as well as some fascinating facts about history’s worst hail storms. We want to continue exploring some of the details of hail. The better you understand something, the more prepared you will be to take proper precautions. And, as always, when you are faced with hail damage on your vehicle, be sure to visit us in Denver for paintless dent repair. In the meantime, let’s take a look at Colorado hail.

Are Hail Storms Getting Worse in Colorado?

It certainly seems like hail storms are getting worse. The answer, though, is both yes and no. One thing that’s certain: hail storms are getting far more expensive. Colorado has experienced three of its eight costliest hail storms just in the last three years. Part of the reason for this is because Colorado is growing at such a rapid rate. As the population grows, there’s simply more property that’s subject to damage in the first place. This makes sense considering the population of Colorado has skyrocketed by almost a million and a half people since 2000. 

So, in one sense, hail storms are significantly worse than they’ve ever been. They cause more damage and cost more than ever before. However, the actual rates of hail haven’t been significantly worse than before. But, even that isn’t the whole story.

How Bad Is Hail in Colorado?

Just because the number of hail storms hasn’t been on the rise doesn’t mean that hail storms here aren’t bad. In fact, they are quite bad. The number of hail storms may not be on the rise, but the reports of hail in excess of 2 inches in diameter has been much higher than ever before. 

That means the number of storms hasn’t risen, but the amount of property that’s damaged is higher than ever, and the number of large hailstones appears to be on the rise.

And that’s making an already-difficult situation worse. The Colorado Front Range is already known as the Hail Capitol because the Colorado Springs to Denver metro area gets more severe hail events than anywhere else in the county.

What to Do When You Get Hail Damage?

It’s clearly not in your imagination: hail storms are getting worse. That means the odds are higher than ever that your vehicle could get hail damage. There’s simply no better choice than paintless dent repair when faced with hail damage. You can see all the advantages of paintless dent repair by checking out our previous blog post. And then contact AJ’s Dent Repair in Denver for top-quality paintless dent repair. We are here to help you weather these Colorado hail storms.

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