Say Goodbye to Car Hail Damage!

Summer has officially arrived! While this is a very exciting time in both Texas and Colorado, we also know that summer brings plenty of hail and storms to “hail alley” — including car hail damage.

If you end up getting caught in any hail storms this spring or summer, don’t fret! Our team of experienced car hail repair professionals is here to help you solve all of your vehicle’s dent problems.

The Go-To Car Hail Repair Shop — AJ’s Dent

AJ’s Dent has two convenient locations in hail alley — one in Denver and another in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County region. We understand just how frustrating hail storms can be when they appear out of nowhere and leave unsightly dents to your car, which is why we go the extra mile for our clients and provide them with the professional paintless dent repair (PDR) services they deserve. Our highly trained and experienced technicians utilize a set of unique tools that are specifically tailored to access dents from the backside of the metal panel of your vehicle. Once that panel is accessed, a technician will slowly work the dent out by massaging and pushing to reshape and restore your vehicle back to its pre-damaged condition.

Why Choose PDR for Car Hail Damage?

PDR is the top choice for those who have experienced car hail damage due to the fact that it completely restores and repairs your vehicle back to its original condition, rather than covering up the dents with paint and fillers the way that traditional dent repair is done. This helps with both maintaining the value of your vehicle and saving quite a chunk of money.

Paintless dent repair is also typically much quicker than having work done at a traditional body repair shop, allowing us to get you on your way faster, without compromising the quality of work. If you are in need of a vehicle while your car is getting repaired, we do provide you with a vehicle to use until we can return yours back to you.

Tips for Protecting Your Car from Hail Damage

While many hail storms come out of nowhere, being proactive can always help to reduce your chances of experiencing hail damage and needing car hail repair. Some ways you can decrease your chances include:

  • Park in a garage or a covered driveway whenever possible. While this may not always be an option for everyone, try and find a spot where your car is at least somewhat covered if possible.
  • Keep an eye out for covered public parking when you are out and about or going to work. When a storm is approaching fast and you don’t have a garage at home that will provide coverage for your car, you will know just where you can take your vehicle (and maybe get some errands out of the way while you are at it!).
  • If you know a storm is approaching and don’t know of a convenient, covered area to park your car, park it on the opposite side of a large building. While it may not shield your vehicle entirely, parking your car on the east side of a building when the storm is coming from the west can at least provide you with some protection and hopefully keep your vehicle safe from the worst part of the storm. Plus, if the wind gusts are strong enough, the building may be able to shield your car very well from car hail damage.
  • If all else fails, locate as many old blankets as you can and lay them over your vehicle. Then, tape them down with duct tape while being careful not to put the tape directly onto your vehicle. This may sound odd, but it has helped individuals protect their cars from experiencing hail damage. You could also purchase a car cover which provides a little bit of a barrier between your car and the weather as well.

If you end up not being so lucky this summer, you know the team to call. Car hail repair is our specialty, although we see a wide range of dents that we can fix with paintless dent repair. Give us a call in Denver or Dallas/Fort Worth today and get your car back to new in no time!

Why It’s a Big Deal to Get Your Small Dents Repaired

When our cars experience a minor dent, getting it repaired isn’t always on the top of our to do lists. But why would it when our cars still operate just fine… right?

While it may simply seem cosmetic, leaving a dent without repair can leave a lasting impact on both the appearance and function of your car. This ends up decreasing its overall value when you do decide to trade it in or sell it. Today we will be going over a few reasons why you should have paintless dent repair performed on any dents in your car as soon as possible.

Paint Chipping

While dents often don’t seem like a big deal, any damages to your car that are left unrepaired can affect the paint job. Even the smallest dents can cause the paint on your vehicle to crack, chip, and peel, or fracture the sealant or clear coat over your paint. This not only gives your care an old, beat-up appearance, but could also lead to more severe paint or body problems in the future if left untreated.


Rust can cause significant damages to your car, and believe it or not, paint provides an important first line of defense against it. So when your paint begins to chip over time from experiencing dent damage, you are leaving your car in a state that is much more susceptible to rust — which is not a cheap fix.

Auto Body Damage = Lower Resale Value

While you may love the car you currently have and the thought of selling it hasn’t crossed your mind, it is an important factor to keep in consideration. One of the top ways you will get the highest trade-in value for your car is if you properly maintain it from day one, because if signs of damage are neglected, they will likely turn into much bigger problems and cost you much more money in the long run.

If you have a dent or ding to your car, truck, or bike, give us a call at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth today. Paintless dent repair is a quick, efficient, and affordable way to fix those pesky dents and restore your vehicle back to factory condition. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Higher Repair Costs

The longer you wait to have your vehicle repaired, the more damage will continue to show up, meaning you will have to pay much more than the cost of a quick, easy, and affordable paintless dent repair. You will thank yourself later if you give an experienced dent repair team a call and schedule an appointment to get your car fixed as soon as possible after experiencing dent damage.

When you choose AJ’s Dent for your paintless dent repair services, not only are you getting them for an affordable rate, we also provide you with a free estimate beforehand, as well as a free rental car to help take some of the headache out of car repair. We can even come to you and work with your insurance company to make it that much easier. If you have any questions regarding paintless dent repair, our team at AJ’s Dent, or what kinds of dent damage we can fix, give us a call today. We have earned a reputation for honesty, integrity, quality, and workmanship for our one-on-one service with each and every single dent removal, which is simply the way we do business at AJ’s Dent. We look forward to helping you get back on the roads dent-free!

Potential Dents to Look Out For This Spring

As the weather starts to heat up, it is important to stay aware of the potential hail hazards that the spring season brings. Here are some things to keep an eye out for so you can prevent dents to your car, truck, or bike. If you already have a dent and are looking to get it repaired by an experienced team at an affordable rate, look no further than AJ’s Dent! We utilize specialized tools in a process called paintless dent repair to bring you quick, efficient, and affordable dent repair.

Winter Road Damage

The drastic change in weather can wreak havoc on roads, causing dirt, debris, potholes, and unevenness. This happens due to water seeping into small cracks in the roads surface while it is in liquid form, and then solidifying and expanding when it freezes in the winter, causing a displacement of the road’s sub-layers. So when spring rolls around and the water melts, the pavement contracts and leaves gaps in the surface under the pavement. The pavement becomes weaker over time and breaks down due to the constant contracting and the weight of vehicles passing over it, which is what ultimately causes potholes to form.


Both Colorado and Texas are prone to spring storms and hail, which is a big one to pay attention to. Hail can range from tiny to massive, and can potentially cause shattered windshields and leave dents on the body of your vehicle if left uncovered.


While rain itself typically doesn’t cause auto damage, it can make roadways very slippery, causing a reduction in your vehicle’s tire traction and handling. Be sure to drive slowly and carefully when it is heavily raining, especially on curves, and brake with a light touch. If you do find yourself in a skid during heavy rain, it is important to remain calm, ease your foot off of the gas pedal, and carefully and slowly steer your car in the direction where you want the front of your car to go. If your car has an ABS brake, brake firmly as you steer into the skid and keep an eye out for neighboring cars.


Animals tend to come out from hiding in the spring and pose a threat to you and your vehicle if they cut you off in the middle of the road. Some of these animals include but are not limited to:

  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bears
  • Foxes
  • Geese

If the animal is hanging out in the middle of the road and isn’t moving, carefully drive around it if possible and make sure there are no other cars coming. If this isn’t a possibility, most animals will move if you honk. Just remember that when it comes to the safety of the animal and the safety of you, others in your car, and other people, you should always do what is safest for you and others.

Car Doors

This is another very common car dent culprit in the spring. When the winds start to pick up, it is much easier for people to lose control of their car doors while opening it, causing the door to slam into nearby cards, cart returns, and other nearby objects. A great way to avoid this type of car damage is to park away from nearby objects, even if it means you have to walk a ways. Not only are you getting more physical activity in, but you are also saving money on potential car repairs!


With the warmer weather also comes more people walking, running, and biking outside. This adds a danger of pedestrians cutting in front of you or getting in your way. This is the most important one to keep an eye out for, as you don’t want anybody getting injured.

If you do end up in a situation this spring where your car is left dented, we have a simple and affordable fix at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth. By using a method called paintless dent repair, we make dent removal a breeze by utilizing specialized tools to carefully massage your dents back into place without sacrificing the body of your vehicle. Because we don’t use any paints or fillers, not only is paintless dent repair a quick process that can take as little as a couple of hours to complete, but is also a much more affordable option. Our team of experienced paintless dent repair technicians strive to make your car repair as easy and painless as possible, so we also provide a free rental car during the time of your repair so it doesn’t have to interfere with your day.

For a free estimate, reach out to AJ’s Dent today. We look forward to helping you restore your vehicle back to pristine factory condition!

What Causes Hail to Form?

In Texas, severe weather is more prone to happen here than in many other states due to our unique weather patterns. Nesting on top of the Gulf of Mexico, there is quite a bit of moisture that gets mixed with dry air from the west during the springtime which can cause different weather events such as hail. Cities such as Dallas and Fort Worth in North Texas are even more prone to severe weather due to cold fronts that typically don’t make it very far south, causing an increased risk of hail and car hail damage.

In fact — a severe hail-causing storm in North Texas this past spring cost roughly $400 million in damages. The hail sized from 2 inches up to 4.5 inches (roughly the size of a grapefruit) pummeled to the ground, wreaking havoc on hundreds of businesses, homes, and vehicles that were in its’ path. Hail storms aren’t uncommon to Texas, and we have another post going over different tips to prevent car hail damage when these storms do occur. In today’s post, we will be going over how hail is formed to give you a better idea of what these icy little car-damaging cannonballs are.

Let us set the scene for you:

A storm cloud is passing through the Dallas/Fort Worth area on what was a beautiful April afternoon. Warm, moist air from the south makes its way underneath that storm cloud, creating a strong updraft. While the core typically would fall to the earth, this updraft blows upward through the storm cloud, creating layers of ice. As this warm updraft cools from the storm cloud, it loses energy and then gravity takes a hold of the built-up ice layers, pulling it back down through the cloud and collecting even more layers. When the hailstone gets low enough, it will then encounter the warm updraft once again — carrying back up into the cold atmosphere. This continuing process of rising and falling while collecting more and more layers of ice continues on until the hailstone eventually becomes too heavy for the updraft to continue lifting — causing it to fall down onto North Texas. Because we are home to many strong updrafts, this allows for bigger hailstones to be created — which unfortunately also means more home, business, and car hail damage.

If your car has experienced damage due to these cloud-jumping ice balls, you have probably thought about what your best route for repair would be. You can learn about the differences in dent repair methods in this blog. While traditional dent repair gets the job done, paintless dent repair utilizes specialized tools to repair your car quickly, easily, and without the use of paint or fillers, leaving you with an affordable, complete dent repair — not just a cover-up. For more questions regarding paintless dent repair and our services, reach out to us at AJ’s Dent today. We look forward to assisting you with all of your car hail damage repair needs!

Tips On Protecting Your Car From Hail Damage

In Denver and throughout Colorado, hail is extremely common in the spring and summer — in fact, the largest hailstone on record has been found at a whopping 4.8 inches in Bethune this past year. That’s approximately the size of a grapefruit! You can only imagine what kind of damage that could cause to your vehicle if it was caught in that hail storm.

While hail isn’t common during these chillier winter months, it is smart to educate yourself ahead of time about ways you can prevent car hail damage before it occurs this spring season. In today’s post, we will be going over different tips you can try out for yourself to prepare your car for hail storms to lessen your chances of needing auto body repair.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Many people do this as a part of their day-to-day routine anyway — but if you take a look at the weather and see that there is a high chance of hail at a certain time during the day, it would be in your best interest to plan your driving around the storm.

Cover Your Car

If you live or work in an area where you are unable to park in a covered area, it isn’t a bad idea to invest in some window covers for your front and rear windshields. You can also use your floor mats as window covers if you are in a pinch. Your best option, though, would be to purchase a cover than blankets the entirety of your car. You can typically find these at most auto supply stores.

Utilize Covered Parking

An even better option for covering your car would be to park your car in a garage or under a carport while at home. As for work, this can be a bit trickier if there isn’t any sort of covered parking. If this is the case, it isn’t a bad idea to scout out the parking lot and nearby areas of your workplace to see if you can find a spot that is at least partially covered to prevent as much hail damage as possible. Doing this could save you a lot of money (and a headache) on dent repair.

If you are in the market for fast and affordable dent repair in Denver, save some money with paintless dent repair at AJ’s Dent for your car hail damage!

If You Do Get Caught in a Hail Storm …

  • Seek a covered area to park until the storm has calmed. Continuing to drive during a hail storm increases the impact of the hail on your car.
  • If you can’t find a covered area, pull over and cover yourself with a blanket or something else that can shield you from glass in case your windshield was to break. It is also smart to lie down and keep your back to the windows.
  • Try and keep your car angled so that the hail is hitting the front of your car as windshields are reinforced to withstand forward pelting objects.

What To Do When Your Car Experiences Hail Damage:

  • Take photos of your entire vehicle and up close on damaged spots
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report your claim
  • Go over the damages with your claims rep in order to determine the best method of repair
  • Get car hail damage repair from a trusted dent repair service

Following these steps will not only decrease your chances of having hail damage to your car but it will also decrease your chances of getting hurt and needing to go through a potentially lengthy insurance claim process. At AJ’s Dent in Denver, we specialize in repairing auto dents with an efficient, affordable method called paintless dent repair (PDR). To learn more about PDR, read our blog about the basics of paintless dent repair and how it differs from traditional dent repair methods. For any further questions, speak to one of our experienced paintless dent repair technicians at AJ’s Dent in Denver today. We look forward to getting your car back in action!

Paintless Dent Repair FAQs

If you are on the hunt for a quality dent repair service for your car but are unsure if paintless dent repair is the route for you, you aren’t alone. Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a relatively new service that utilizes specialized tools to fix the dent and restore the exterior back to its original position. There are no fillers or paint involved, just the expertise of paintless dent repair professionals and unique, reusable tools — making this an affordable, quick, and eco-friendly process. To learn more about paintless dent repair and commonly asked questions, keep reading this blog! If you have any further questions or would like to get a free estimate, reach out to us at AJ’s Dent. We have locations in Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County, and would be pleased to assist you.

What kinds of dents can be repaired with PDR?

Most auto dents can be repaired with paintless dent repair— if the metal and paint are not compromised. AJ’s Dent suggests getting a free inspection and estimate so that we can assess the damage done to your car and determine whether or not PDR is an option for you.

How much does paintless dent repair cost?

One of the most attractive features of paintless dent repair is the fact that it doesn’t require the use of fillers, paint, or extensive labor, making it an affordable option for dent repair. The cost of your dent repair will be determined by the severity, amount, and location of your dent and/or dents. To get an accurate, free estimate for what your auto dents will cost, we recommend reaching out to AJ’s dent today.

Will the paint on my car be damaged?

No. As a matter of fact, paintless dent repair is the only way to repair a dent and ensure that your paint won’t be compromised — if the job is done by a professional PDR shop. A common misconception is that it will cause the paint to crack or stretch, which is false. Paintless dent repair, in fact, fixes the dent rather than covering it up and needing to put more paint on it.

Will my dents come back down the road?

No pun intended — and the answer is no. Once the dent is repaired with special tools by a paintless dent repair professional, your dents are fixed from the source and won’t be coming back. At AJ’s Dent, we are so confident with our repair services that we also provide a lifetime warranty so that you can feel at ease knowing your car is in good hands.

Can paintless dent repair fix the hail damage done to my car?

Absolutely! Paintless dent repair is actually the recommended method of removing dents from a car that has had hail damage, as these dents are minor dings and dents that don’t require the need for any bonding, sanding, or repainting the way that major auto body damage typically does.

Can any dent or ding be fixed by paintless dent repair?

Unfortunately, no. In cases where there is major auto body damage and the paint is chipped or cracked, paintless dent repair won’t be the best option for repair. The location and depth of the dent are the most important factors in determining if they can be repaired by PDR.

What are the benefits of paintless dent removal?

With PDR, there are numerous benefits if you are going through a professional service provider. A few of these benefits are:

  • High-quality repairs. With paintless dent repair, your car’s original condition goes undisturbed with the use of specialized tools to massage the dents back into place without having to use fillers, sanders, paint, and so forth.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because quality, reusable tools are utilized to perform the repairs and there is no use of harsh chemicals from paint or fillers, PDR is an eco-friendly option for car repair.
    Retains current value of your car. Because there is no painting required, the original finish of your car is maintained. There is also no risk of incorrect color matching, either.
  • Saves time. Traditional dent repair can take days to weeks to repair your minor auto body damage, while paintless dent repair can be completed within an hour or two. At AJ’s Dent, we even come to you to see if we can perform your dent repair on the spot.
  • Saves money. The cost of traditional dent repair can become expensive with the extensive labor, use of paint and fillers, time, and so forth. Because PDR professionals use special tools to massage the dents back into place, you are saving ¼ to ⅓ of the cost you would be spending on traditional dent repair.
  • A lifetime warranty on our work. If you get your auto dent repaired through AJ’s Dent, we also provide you with a lifetime warranty on all of our work for as long as you own your car, so you can feel good about the quality of the work we have done.

Will my insurance cover paintless dent repair?

Yes! If you have full coverage insurance and experienced hail damage, it will be covered by your insurance company under the comprehensive section of your policy. Most paintless dent repair companies like AJ’s Dent will work with your insurance company throughout the repair process to see if other, non-hail dents will be covered, although the cost of single dent repair is often cheaper than the deductible.

Should I send in pictures of my dents for my PDR estimate?

Absolutely! You will want to take pictures anyway for your insurance claim, and when you contact AJ’s Dent, we can examine the photos in order to give you a general idea of what the cost of your paintless dent repair will be, although we would prefer to see the vehicle in person to give you a more accurate estimate.

Should I try and repair the dent myself?

This method is definitely not recommended. When you try repairing a dent yourself, you are jeopardizing the repair of your dent by making it more difficult and/or impossible to repair with PDR. If you end up messing up or crack the paint, there is no turning back and your vehicle will need to be repaired by a traditional body shop.

If you have any further questions in regards to paintless dent repair and what a professional PDR service company can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth/Tarrant County today for a free estimate and speedy, affordable paintless dent repair. We look forward to assisting you with getting your car back to its original condition!

Seven Common Causes of Minor Dents and Auto Damage

Being a car owner, we know that there comes certain times when getting your car dented can be inevitable — whether we like it or not (and we are just taking a guess here that you probably wouldn’t like it very much). There are many different things that can cause minor auto body damage and ways that you can prevent some of these things from happening. In today’s blog we will be taking you through seven common causes of minor dents and auto damage so that you can know what to keep an eye out for, and hopefully prevent auto dings and dents from occurring. If you need assistance with removing current dents on your vehicle, reach out to our paintless dent repair professionals at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth today for quick, easy, and affordable dent removal.

1. Collisions

When you get into an auto collision, it is likely that there will be at least some sort of minor auto body damage to your car. Being a defensive driver is crucial for this one — because although you may be a fantastic driver, there are a variety of things that can happen on the road to cause a collision. From getting rear-ended to distracted driving and getting clipped while merging to t-bones, there are many different ways auto accidents can occur. Some safe, defensive driving qualities that you can easily pick up to decrease your chances of getting into a collision are:

  • Keeping your eyes on the road and not getting easily distracted
  • Planning ahead for the unexpected — not making assumptions about what other drivers will do
  • Controlling your speed
  • Respecting other roadway users
  • Being aware of road conditions

Practicing defensive driving allows you to defend yourself from possible auto collisions caused by a variety of different things, whether it’s bad drivers, poor weather, or anything in between.

2. Car Doors

When there is ultra-tight parking in lots or garages, it can be easy for you (or another driver) to open your car door unyieldingly and end up denting a neighboring car. This is especially easy if it’s a windy day, as the wind can make it hard to control your car door as you are opening it and cause it to ram into another car. If you want to ensure you will avoid someone denting your car with their door — or you denting theirs — it is best practice to park far away from other cars in a parking lot or garage. Although you may have to walk a bit further to your destination, at least you are saving money on auto repairs.

3. Unruly Weather

This is another huge one that often causes minor auto body damage. Regardless of where you live, there are different types of extreme weather that can take over your town and wreak havoc on your car. A weather condition that tends to cause considerable damage to cars is hail storms. Large hail falling at high speeds can cause huge dents, broken windows, and even engine damage to your car. Did you know that Texas and Colorado are the top two states with the most hail insurance claims? AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth can help with the process of filing a claim, and can also handle your hail damage repair quickly and affordably. Contact us today to learn more about our hail damage and dent repair services by utilizing paintless dent repair.

4. Sporty Children

If you live in a family-dense neighborhood, it is not unlikely to see kids playing outside with different sports balls. Whether you’ve got little basketballers or softball players living close by, there is a chance that they could throw a ball uncontrollably and ultimately end up hitting and denting your car. There really isn’t much avoiding this one unless you have a garage to park in or do some serious research and find a quiet neighborhood where there isn’t many children.

5. Fallen Trees

If you are parking your car outside regularly, you are also running the risk of storm damage to your car. When big wind and snow storms blow through, it isn’t uncommon for trees to fall. Although parking your car in a garage or a carport is always a good option to prevent this damage, not everybody has that option. We may think that this could never happen to us, especially if we typically don’t park near any trees throughout the day — but strong winds can knock a tree down and even throw it around, leaving it to potentially slam and dent your car. This is often inevitable, and that is why you will want to contact a professional paintless dent repair service to help you with removing tree dent damages to your car.

6. At The Car Wash!

Queue up Rose Royce’s hit single “Car Wash,” because believe it or not, this is where many minor auto body damages occur. While taking your car to an automatic car wash facility may be convenient, it is not always the safest option against dents and scratches. The cleaning process that many of these facilities provide often leave your car prone to accidental bumps while your vehicle is on the conveyor. This is because of the type of bristles and cloth brushes that many car washes use. Although these can be effective cleaning materials for your car, they often leave dents, scratches, broken antennas, and dangling side mirrors. In order to help avoid this, we recommend that you collapse your mirrors, take your antenna down, roll up your windows, and check for any loose parts on your car before you enter a car wash. If you do experience damage, it is also recommended to keep your car wash receipt, take pictures of your car damage on-site, and check with your insurance company to see if they can cover the damage.

7. Road Debris

If you are a frequent highway driver, you have probably seen quite a bit of auto debris on the side of the road. This could be rubber pieces from tires bursting or car accidents that have not been fully cleaned up after. There are times when hitting this road debris is inevitable — even if you are a very cautious driver. It’s not uncommon to hear about drivers fully focusing on the road, only for a giant piece of rubber to come flying up from under the car in front of them and damage their car. The best way to avoid this type of auto damage is to practice defensive driving to the best of your ability so you will know how to handle this situation if it does arise.

Contact a Minor Auto Body Damage Professional

If you have experienced any of these or other minor auto body damages and are in the market for an affordable, speedy paintless dent repair service, reach out to our expert paintless dent repair team at AJ’s Dent in Denver and Dallas-Fort Worth. Our technicians utilize specialized dent puller tools that remove auto dents and dings to restore your vehicle’s appearance and increase its value. We also work with all insurance companies to help you with your claims, and may even be able to come to you to give you a free estimate and repair your dents on site. We look forward to assisting you!

Paintless Dent Repair vs. Traditional Dent Repair

As car owners, we know that dents to our cars happen, whether we like it or not. Whether it be from the elements of Mother Nature or a minor accident, getting your car dented is not uncommon and definitely not ideal. Your first thought when you see the eyesore is probably something along the lines of, “What do I do now?” Put simply, you can either get a traditional dent repair, or you can opt for paintless dent repair (PDR). There are many factors that determine whether your car is eligible for PDR or a traditional method, and our team at AJ’s Dent is here to help guide you in the right direction. For a better understanding of the two options, here are some of the main differences.

Traditional Dent Repair

This is a more invasive method of dent removal where the auto body repair technician uses a sander to grind off the paint, bangs the metal back into shape, and then fills the spaces with putty. They then will sand down the putty and go through the process of repainting your car by spraying on primer, a base coat, and then a final top coat of paint. This can be an expensive and time-consuming process, and unnecessary for most dents. If your car is very heavily damaged and the paint is scratched up, then traditional dent repair in a body shop may be a good option for you.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a minimally invasive technique to pulling dents out of your car without compromising the original factory condition, painted finish, or your wallet. Our expertly trained technicians will assess the damage to your car and use cutting-edge technology and tools to press the dent back into shape. Instead of covering up the problems, paintless dent repair fixes it. This is an extremely speedy process, and unlike traditional dent repair which can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to complete, paintless dent repair can be completed in as little as an hour. It is also a much more environmentally friendly option, as paintless dent repair utilizes reusable tools and doesn’t use any paint or fillers.


If your car is wrecked, paintless dent repair probably won’t be your best bet, but if your car is just a bit dented up, regardless of the size, paintless dent repair is a much more efficient, eco-and-wallet-friendly option. Paintless dent repair truly repairs the dent, instead of just covering it up the way that traditional dent repair does. It also saves you time and prevents you from the hassle of having to rent a car or find a ride while your car is in the shop. If you are looking to fix the dents present on your car, reach out to our knowledgeable team at AJ’s Dent Repair in Denver. We will come to you, assess your vehicle, give you a free repair estimate, and let you know whether or not we need to bring your vehicle to our shop for a quick paintless dent repair. We look forward to working with you and solving all of your dent problems!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is quickly becoming the go-to option for auto body damage. From small hail divots to large-scale body damage, the odds are good that paintless dent repair can fix the damage with lower costs and fewer risks than traditional dent repair. 

You can read about exactly what paintless dent repair entails, as well as its many benefits, by checking out our How Paintless Dent Repair Works page. For today’s blog, we want to take a look at five things you (probably) didn’t know about paintless dent repair. If your vehicle currently has any dents, dings, or damage, then be sure to contact the professionals at AJ’s Dent Repair in Denver for world-class repairs. Now, let’s look at some facts about paintless dent repair!

1. There’s No Need to be Repainted

With paintless dent repair, your vehicle won’t require any repainting. This is because paintless dent repair involves popping the dents from the opposite side, leaving no effect on the factory finish of your vehicle. Contrast this with traditional dent repair, which typically involves sanding and repainting dents over. 

2. It Uses Shape Memory

When the body of your vehicle is made in the factory, it is shaped, stamped, and manufactured into specific forms. The body of your car naturally wants to maintain this manufactured shape. Paintless dent repair takes advantage of this shape memory to smooth out dents by applying pressure to ease the metal back into this shape.

3. You’re In and Out

One of the many advantages you get with paintless dent repairs is that the process is fast! Traditional dent repairs can sometimes leave you without a vehicle for several days or even a week at a time! That’s way too long. Depending on the damage, paintless dent repair can be done in just a few short hours. Of course, this will vary depending on the nature and extent of the damage, but, regardless, it’s significantly faster than traditional dent repair.

4. You’re Helping the Environment

Traditional dent repair will not only require re-painting, but it also uses various chemicals to make the filler for the dents. You won’t have to worry about that at all with paintless dent repair, which uses nothing more than tools and our expertise. 

5. Paintless Dent Repair is Better for Your Vehicle

Did you know that paintless dent repair will help retain the value of your vehicle? Of course, any type of dent repair is better than simply leaving the dent, but paintless dent repair will help retain the value of your vehicle more than traditional dent repair. This is because traditional dent repair will fill, sand, and re-paint. In other words, the repairs are merely cosmetic. In the strictest sense, the dent is still there; you simply can’t see it. With paintless dent repair, we are actually removing the dent itself — all while making things more affordable, faster, and more eco-friendly. 

Keep these facts in mind when you’re in need of dent repairs. AJ’s Dent Repair in Denver is here to give you the service you deserve. Reach out for a free estimate today.