Say Hail No to Hail Damage: 3 Tips For Preventing Hail Damage

The season is upon us for increased amounts of hail. As spring comes to a close and the weather begins to change, folks in both Denver and Dallas will begin to see a lot more rain and hail. The professionals at AJ’s Dent Repair are here to provide the tips and tricks you need to prevent hail damage to your vehicle. Dents and dings will inevitably happen, however, and when they do, our paintless dent repair service in Denver and Dallas will provide the quality and durable repairs you deserve. Contact us today to learn more.

Get Covered Parking

The best way to prevent hail damage and get ahead of the need for paintless dent repair is to get covered parking. This might seem straightforward enough, but it can make all the difference in the world when those gnarly hail storms come around. A garage is an ideal option, but not everyone has access to this type of covered parking. Many apartment complexes will offer the option to rent out a covered parking space or two. Sometimes folks don’t even realize that this is a possibility. Don’t make the mistake of going without a covered parking spot when there might be one right there for the taking!

Makeshift Car Covers

If covered parking is simply not an option for you, then an alternative is to manually cover your car to soften the impact of the hail. There are actual hail car covers on the market that are tailor-made to cover your vehicle and minimize the damage done. In a pinch, though, it can be a good idea to use an old blanket or comforter to soften the blow. These thin layers can do a lot of work in minimizing the impact of hail damage. And any small dents that occur can be effectively remedied through AJ’s paintless dent repair in Denver and Dallas. When applying these blankets, just keep in mind that hail is often accompanied by strong winds, so be sure to secure your covers!

Get Out of the Storm

Covered parking is ideal. Car covers such as blankets are a great option when you are anticipating bad weather. But we’ve all ran into those circumstances where we’re driving along and see the ominous dark clouds above our heads. What do we do when we find ourselves driving through a hail storm? Short answer: get out of the storm. The best option here is to find cover in a temporary shelter. A great choice in this situation is a parking garage. Local malls and shopping centers often have parking garages. Get your car to safety and wait out the worst of the storm there.

Paintless Dent Repair

All of these options will go a long way in minimizing hail damage. They won’t, however, prevent it with 100% effectiveness. Some damage from hail is simply unavoidable. If you are in the Dallas or Denver areas, the paintless dent repair offered by the experts at AJ’s Dent Repair will make your car look beautiful year round. Visit us to learn more.